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Ooh! Lá Pin Up! – Outdoor Boudoir photography Frederick, MD

Here are the pin up shots from the shoot I did for the beautiful Ms. G for her hubby’s birthday. I’m starting off the set with my favorite, which was a little questionable for Facebook. Her hubby’s classic car was the inspiration for the shoot. It was a little challenging because we had to shoot in full sun at around 11:00 am. Ms. G wasn’t comfortable driving it, so her mother in law (coolest mother in law ever!) taught me! It was my first time driving a manual with the gear shifter on the steering column. I was not about to have only one usable angle for such a cool prop.  We hit a few other locations and sets as well. Check them out below.

Ooh! Lá in the Vineyard

As promised…Here is the album I shot in the vineyard. Her husband was very happy with his gift. It was FREEZING that day. My model was not only smart and beautiful she was pretty tough too.

Ooh! Lá Christmas Gift!

We heard it through the grapevine that somebody’s hubby is getting a very sexy Christmas present this year! We can show you the rest of the shots from this mornings session with this beautiful model (shot outside in 43° weather), but not until after Christmas….



Ooh! Lá Linda

It was one of those days where everything awkwardly worked out.  The weather was warm(ish) for late November. Dianna was determined to shoot this outside.  I knew I was in trouble because Linda is always up for anything and she was going to be the one wearing next to nothing.  Knowing she was going to have to woo me outdoors as well, Dianna brought a ton of props along.  When she pulled out the red sheer she took from her sons room I saw sexy snow white and I was sold.  While our stylist Alex worked on Linda’s hair Dianna and I went through Linda’s things and brainstormed set ideas, poses and angles. We were concerned about keeping Linda warm and not making her lay on the cold ground.  While trying to think of something unusual she could sit on our friend Geoff stopped by…he drives a truck!  We asked Geoff and Alex to move the love seat from my family room to the middle of the woods. They are the best. If you would like to use the love seat in the woods you will need to have a truck or van.  (One day we will have an Ooh! Lá Van for our location shoots).  We filled up a thermos with hot cider to keep Linda warm in between shots and went off to do our thing.  I didn’t say a single word about how cold I was until it was over.  I don’t know how Linda handled it, but she did it with a smile.  We are really pleased with the way these shots turned out.  Want to see more of our gorgeous friend Linda?  Click here to go to her last shoot with us.