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Every woman is uniquely beautiful. As professional photographers, we will guide you through your most flattering poses highlighting your best features, minimizing the things you are self conscious about and capturing all of your best angles. Curves are a beautiful thing, as women ourselves we know just what to do with them to make you look your absolute best.The images we take are never tawdry.   No overdone glamor shots here, simply playful, tasteful, and feminine. Think Victoria’s secret, not Playboy.  An album of Boudoir Photos makes a great gift for your wedding day, anniversary, husband’s birthday or Valentines Day. These pictures can build self esteem and put the spark back into a marriage.  Scroll down for some Tips on how to make the most of your session.



Tips to make the most of your session:

  1. Bring clothes/lingerie/shoes/jewelry that makes you feel beautiful
  2. Bring your make-up for touch ups.
  3. Borrow an item that belongs to your man: work shirt; tie; guitar; motorcycle gear; sports jersey; what ever he’s into.  He will love it!
  4. If you aren’t a big make up wearer, stop by the make-up counter and have your make-up done professionally, tell them you want a natural look.
  5. Make it a girl’s night out.  Bring a couple of girlfriends, a bottle of wine and your i-pod.  Take turns being photographed.  The price does not change for additional subjects; however you will want to book additional time.