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pzy. 1 Pricing » Ooh! Lá Boudoir Photography

Ooh! Lá Boudoir Photography » Boudoir Photograpy

Masthead header



The Session:

Photographers time and talent:   $300.00 First hour

$75.00 each additional ½ hour

Edited images in High Resolution Digital format $25 each

Hair stylist and/or make up artist available upon request for an additional fee

Faux lashes are provided and included in the session. I highly recommend them, and choose ones that enhance the eyes, without looking unnatural.  For our clients doing their own make up please do not apply your mascara until you get here.  Faux lashes adhere best to  clean lashes.  Please bring your make up with you for touch-ups.

There is a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 due at the time of booking.  I will send you an invoice via Paypal.  This deposit will be put towards your sitting fee.  The sitting fee balance is due at the close of your session.

I have changed my proofing policy in order to give the clients more control over the images available for purchase.  Within 48 hours of your session, you will receive 5 fully edited low res proofs of the photographers choice via email (party girl guests will receive 2) .  The proofs serve as samples of the editing process and what is possible (you are not obligated to purchase or choose these images as part of your package, but you can if you like). Once you receive your proofs you will need to schedule a time to come back and look at all of the unedited images from your session and choose the images you would like edited. Only purchased images will be edited.   All purchased images will be provided in both color and black and white.

Want free images? Refer a friend.  If your friend mentions your name when they book their session you will receive a $50.00 photo credit. Good for past or future sessions.


The Tease: $400.00 (value $425)

This session includes a one hour photography session, faux lashes, and your choice of 5 high resolution, magazine quality, edited images in .jpg format with unlimited personal use printing rights. Due to the time limitations, this session is offered at the home/studio location only.  Additional images are available for $25.00 each.


The Flirt: $550 (value $650.00)

This session includes a two hour photography session, faux lashes, and your choice of 8 high resolution, magazine quality, edited images in .jpg format with unlimited personal use printing rights, in the location of your choice.  Additional images are available for $25.00 each.


The Temptress: $700.00 (value $900.00)

This session includes a three hour photography session, faux lashes, and your choice of 12 high resolution, magazine quality, edited images in .jpg format with unlimited personal use printing rights,  in one or more locations of your choice (time permitting).   Additional images are available for $25.00 each.


The Party Girl: $200.00 per guest (3-6 guests)

The Party Girl Package is perfect for a fun day with the girls, bachelorette pre-party, or great way to help one of your friends get her groove back.  You will all look and feel confidant and beautiful when this party is over so make sure you plan on a girls night out afterwards.  Each guest will receive a 30  minute session, faux lashes, and 3 high resolution magazine quality edited images in .jpg format with unlimited personal use printing rights.  Additional images are available for $25.00 each.




The Product Line:

All images used to create products in our product line receive careful attention and result in magazine quality images. Click here for a sample of our editing process.



Digital Images:

High resolution image in .jpg format with unlimited personal use printing rights $25.00 each


One 4×6 print – $10.00

One 5×7 print – $15.00

One 8×10 print – $25.00

Black and white prints are printed on a premium true black and white paper.  Please add an additional $2.00 for black and white images.


Wall Art


StandoutsClick here for detailed information about our Standout line.

8 x 12 Standout – $95.00

11 x 14 Standout – $160.00

16 x 24 Standout – $250.00

20 x 30 Standout – $500.00



Fine Art Canvas: Click here for detailed information about our Fine Art Canvas line.

8 x 10 canvas – $60.00

11 x 14 canvas – $120.00

16 x 20 canvas – $200.00

20 x 30 canvas – $350.00


Canvas prints will be bonded to matte board unless specified otherwise Masonite is available for an additional $10.00

Stretcher frames are available for an additional $25.00 (staples are visible on the edges of the frame and require proper framing)


Fine Art Metals:
Click here for detailed information about our Fine Art Metals line.

16 x 16  Fine Art Metal – $240.00

19.5 x 19.5  Fine Art Metal – $280.00

16 x 23.5  Fine Art Metal – $260.00

19.5 x 23.5  Fine Art Metal – $300.00



Fine Art Acrylics:
Click here for  information about our Fine Art Acrylics line.

16 x 16  Fine Art Acrylics – $240.00

19.5 x 19.5  Fine Art Acrylics – $280.00

16 x 23.5  Fine Art Acrylics – $260.00

19.5 x 23.5  Fine Art Acrylics – $300.00

Tokens of Love

Ooh! Lá Little Black Books

Two 3”x 3”  Little Black Books (5-10 images / also available in red) –  $160.00 (or $60.00 a pair when purchased with 10 or more digital images*).

Our little black books are 3″x3″ accordion style books with magnetic closures.  They come in pairs.  One for you to hold on to and one for you to slip into his pocket before he leaves in the morning.  The cover is black (or red) leatherette.  The glossy pages will show off 5 – 10 of the sexiest images from your session.  Please ask to see the sample books when you are here for your shoot.



Ooh! Lá Albums Click here for more photos and detailed information about our albums.

10 page / 20 sides (10-20 images) leather cover, professional photography albums are  available in the following sizes:

4×6 album – $280.00  or $80.00 with multi-purchase discount below($25.00 per extra page / 2 sides)

6×9 album – $390.00  or $90.00 with multi-purchase discount below ($35.00 per extra page / 2 sides)

8×12 album – $625.00 or $125.00 with multi-purchase discount below ($50.00 per extra page / 2 sides)

receive a multi-purchase discount of $200.00 for 4×6 album, $300.00 for a 6×9 album, $500.00 for an 8×12 album when purchased with 15 or more digital images*


Ooh! Lá  Photo Boxes and Mounted Prints

Premium Photo Box

The premium photo box is a one piece keepsake box, with your choice of custom photo on the front.  It has a magnetic closure with inside ribbon, which make removing your prints effortless! Holds 4 to 8 mounted prints. Available in 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 sizes.

4×6 box – $75

5×7 box – $85

8×10 box – $95

*image editing is not included in the price of the Premium Photo Box


Standard Photo Box

The standard photo box is a two piece box with your choice of custom photo on the lid. Choose from solid black or white for the bottom of the box. Holds 4-7 mounted prints.  Available in 5×7 and 8×10.

5×7 – $35

8×10 – $45

*image editing is not included in the price of the Standard Photo Box



Mounted Prints

Our mounted prints are the perfect complement to our photo boxes. They feature:

– Cardboard material bonded together to create a 28-ply board perfect for mounting prints.

– Extremely lightweight, yet durable with minimal bending!

– Double-weight Matboard mounts have 1/8″ thickness.

4×6 – $15
5×7 – $20
8×10 – $30
*image editing is not included in the price of the Mounted Prints



Ooh! Lá Calendar

Our calendars feature:
  • Glossy UV Coating
  • Three interior fonts to choose from including Arial, Roman and Script.
  • Two unique size choices – 8.5 x 11″ (with a middle spiral bind); and 11 x 17″ (with a top spiral bind).
  • 13 pages total in each calendar (12 months and 1 cover).


8.5 x 11″ – $45

11 x 17″ – $45

*image editing is not included in the price of the Calendar